Shock G Interview : Not Just Knee Deep (Part 1)

  “Be peaceful and enjoy your time on Earth as much and as often as you can. The more you do, the more it becomes you.” -Shock G Some people in this world are true originals. And though we may all possess the potential to carve out beautifully unique identities, there are a few who […]

DTLA, September 2013

Mekael Dawson Photography

I was introduced to Mekael Dawson back in 2011 through mutual friends of the Freak City collective. He became one of my best LA buddies and I have since enjoyed many conversations, sun-filled afternoons, smoothie dates, and underground parties in his company over the years. I was first aware of Mekael’s creative pursuits as founder […]


Jonathan Wilson Interview

“Sit beside me, stay awhile. Let me feel my life through you.” There is something quite mystifying about the music of Jonathan Wilson. A blend of tender melodies, sentimental lyrics, soft-voiced diction, psychedelic tendencies, and earthy images that touch on the sublime; the world that Wilson creates can absorb you whole. Though now closely connected […]