Frybros Photography Summer 2016

February 7, 2017

The late-June heat was starting to pick up and I was listening to “Ecstasy” by the Ohio Players on repeat. Staying with my dear friend Teru in Mid City, whom I miss now. Afternoon wine hazes and regular trips over to Delicious Pizza. I can still smell the 7Eleven across the street.

It was a Saturday afternoon that I met up with the amazing Matt Fry before I left LA. We talked and shot pictures in the still afternoon light for hours, before hitting Shintaro in Hollywood for sake and delicious Japanese food. The Cure were playing at the Hollywood Bowl that night, so the streets and traffic were even busier than usual. A magical energy buzzed through the warm evening air like iridescent dragonflies scudding emerald waters.

Below are three photos from the shoot; I love the way that they capture a certain mood.




Frybros Photography Autumn 2014

January 7, 2017

I’m such a fan of Matt Fry as both an artist and a person, and feel very lucky to have gotten to know him and his work through working together for Dazed & Confused. If you are not already familiar with Matt’s photography, check it out here :

Whenever I am in Los Angeles, I love the opportunity to shoot with Matt;  real conversation and connection lead the way, and perfectly timed pictures just somehow follow like cygnets paddling behind their momma swan.

It was one afternoon early November in 2014, I was visiting friends and family in California for a few weeks, that I met up with Matt and we headed to the Daimaru Hotel in Little Tokyo. We spent hours talking about all sorts of things (love, music, our lives) and I remember feeling almost euphoric afterwards. Later that evening I went to see Blade Runner for the first time at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, continuing the euphoria!

Here are a couple of photos I found from the shoot; I just love the the way the shadows and light play with one another…



Mekael Dawson Photography

January 25, 2014

DTLA, September 2013

I was introduced to Mekael Dawson back in 2011 through mutual friends of the Freak City collective. He became one of my best LA buddies and I have since enjoyed many conversations, sun-filled afternoons, smoothie dates, and underground parties in his company over the years.

I was first aware of Mekael’s creative pursuits as founder of Vesper Apparel, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I realised he was also an adept and talented photographer. There is an inherently youthful spirit to much of Mekael’s work, notably so in loving snapshots of his contemporaries. Whether images of bright young things frolicking and enjoying the world around them, or quiet moments one-on-one that feel somehow stolen, I feel Mekael’s pictures resonate with the eternally young part of us all. Seeing and feeling things for the first time, and knowing no limits. I also particularly love the colours that he captures in his landscape work, and am fascinated by his use of light and layering in more experimental shots. All in all, I suggest taking a look at his website

Back in September 2013 we headed up to the roof of a friends building in Downtown Los Angeles to shoot and play around. I remember it was beautifully windy and sunny, and the air had that late-afternoon gossamer quality that DTLA does so well. And I remember how dangling bare feet over the edge of a skyscraper felt, as well as the dizzying mix of vertigo and exhilaration standing up at full height on the building ledge.  The results from this shoot bring back a lot of special memories of Los Angeles for me.

You can also see the full series here.

Frybros Photography

December 18, 2013

I first met Matt Fry one balmy L.A. afternoon in August 2012 when interviewing Roxane Mesquida for Dazed & Confused Magazine at the house of music producer Michael Ross.

We hit it off and I ended up modelling for him myself that September. We shot this series at the break of morning, and, due to a very strict no-visitors rule, we had to craftily sneak Matt into the run-down motel that I was staying at in Hollywood at the time.

Matt’s work and his ability to capture the spirit of his subjects is truly remarkable, and I feel so honoured that have had the pleasure of working with him.

Funnily enough, fate brought us back together that October when I was to interview Brooke Candy and Vally Girl and he was to take the pictures, again for Dazed & Confused.

You can see the full series of shots here.

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