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April 27, 2018

Since starting to play records out at bars and clubs I’ve noticed that often during a DJ set there will come a point, after being super conscientious and perfectly matching the feel of the music you’re playing to the stage of the night and vibe of the crowd, attempting to create the best energy and atmosphere you possibly can, that you get to be a little bit deviant because it just seems like … anything goes. A moment I like to think of as the DJ’s Happy Hour. Perhaps the spot is dead and the staff are just trying to close up early, or the crowd are way too drunk to notice what’s coming through the speakers.  You could probably play “Parallelograms” and no one would bat an eyelid. It’s your chance to play those obscure or wildly inappropriate records you just love, but will never be deemed a ‘dancefloor-filler’ or get played at the NYE countdown.

I thought it would be fun to ask my DJ friends about some of the records they love to sneak in there when such opportunities arise and see what gems come out …

First up is the homie Alex Asher Daniel: an incredibly talented painter (and DJ) out of the Bay Area with deep roots in the music scene, whom I first met at a Prince Paul show at The Uptown out in Oakland 🙂

So, Alex, what’s your DJ Happy Hour jam?

Good question. It depends on my energy and mood, but here’s an example:

If I am playing tunes in a lounge/private club and the night is ending on a mellow note, I love playing some old funk/soul jazz grooves; something I might listen to lounging at home. Grover Washington Jr. “A Secret Place” is my joint!

But if I’m at a club, the night was hyped, and the lights come on, I’ve had some good drank… Too $hort “Freaky Tales.” Represent the Town!

Lil’ official bio on Alex :

ALEX ASHER DANIEL is an American multidisciplinary artist known first and foremost for vibrant portraits and figurative paintings. His creative practice includes audio installations and musical collaborations with emerging and established artists. His renowned and eclectic music collection has been a lifelong passion.  He has shared music, unbound by genre, in cosmopolitan capitals like New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo, where he’s held down residencies at notable and underground venues.

Check out his mixes and artwork :

Alex on Mixcloud

Alex Asher Daniel – Artist

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