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May 18, 2018

This week for DJ Happy Hour we have my good friend DJ Cee Brown up to talk about records, most specifically those risque joints you get a thrill out of dropping when DJing out and about.

Cee is a super dope DJ based in Los Angeles, and immensely connected within and supportive of the DJ community. We first met back in 2012 through working for Delicious Vinyl, right around the time of the first Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde 20th Anniversary show at The Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. Over the years I’ve been lucky to see him spin at various spots in L.A., San Francisco, London, Glastonbury, and Paris.  His sets are always fun and on point, so I knew asking him about his more cheeky selections would be good.

So, Cee, tell us about your DJ Happy Hour jams …

My Saturday residency is a fun gig because it’s a room full of early 20s ready to get lit and go “All The Way Up” to dance-floor classics old and new (mainly Hip-Hop). But when I wanna test the crowd and sneak in some vibes I know they’re not custom to I usually run some Cumbia or Bollywood. And I always get a different reaction. I notice most females are really into the Bolly stuff, I guess they feel sexy doing their best belly dance rendition while watching the fellas literally spill drinks to try and get this “One Dance.”  On the flip side when I run some Cumbia the reaction is swift and all over the place. I either get the Latinas in the building coming up like “Do you have Suavemente” or others folks coming up like “What’s this Circus music?” or the classic “Can you play something we can dance to?” haha. Side note: most of this “Other” music is mainly the classics of these genres, nothing too off the grid, and some people just look lost.

Aniceto Molina  “Cumbia Sampuesana”

“Choli Ke Peeche” (from Kahl Nayak)

Eddie the Sheik Kochak “Ramza”

Find more from Cee Brown at DJCEEBROWN.COM

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