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May 5, 2018

For this week’s DJ Happy Hour Q&A we have a very special, somewhat emotional, R&B edition with the homie Induce, a really dope L.A. based musician & DJ who I imagine must possess a truly exquisite – and eclectic – record collection.

I first met Induce, aka Ryan Smith, through Wax Poetics when he dropped the Miami Life Mixtape with DJ Tosh back in 2012. It’s a really cool tribute of sorts to his hometown Miami, featuring gems from Bobby Byrd, Clarence Reid, Mother Superia, Two Live Crew, and more, and is a mix I still love to play today. He also just launched a new mix series ‘Steppin’ Heavy’ with the magazine last month, and you can check out the first tape Boogie Bangers here.

As someone who has played in bars and clubs regularly for years, and clearly has a good sense of humour, I figured Induce would be a perfect DJ to spotlight for DJ Happy Hour!


So, Ryan, what’s your DJ Happy Hour Jam? Those somewhat risqué records you love to get away with playing out …

Oh man, that’s like my whole DJ career! Ha. I played Hovey Benjamin “Send Bobs” at our R&B party called 143 once a while back. It’s a joke song by a semi-famous Instagram producer guy. It sounds like a Drake rip off, but all the lyrics are taken from pervy messages creepy foreign guys send to hot girls on Instagram, and it’s actually pretty good and really catchy.

Hovey Benjamin “Send Bobs”

Plus looking at my serato history from 143 last Thursday I have a bunch. I had the opening slot, so had a lot of leeway and more freedom to play weirder stuff. Here’s a list, from just one night, playing one style of music :

Anquette “I Will Always Be There For You”
This is like, a Miami slow jam classic.

Lysette “Young, Sad & Blue”

TKA “Louder Than Love”

Jocelyn Enriquez  “A Little Bit Of Ecstasy”

Jill Scott “A Long Walk”

Ryan Leslie “Quicksand”
Any time I can get away with playing Ryan Leslie album cuts, I try to.


Merci Ryan! Keep your eyes out for more ‘Steppin’ Heavy’ mixes from Induce on Wax Poetics, and find more of his work here :

Dublab Show

Facebook Page


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