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February 7, 2015

Back in 2012 I presented a paper on the work of Masta Ace at a ‘Music & Automobile Culture’ symposium held by IASPM-UK. My paper was titled ”Born to Roll’: An examination of jeep culture in the music of Masta Ace.’ I traced Ace’s career from his Juice Crew breakout to his time with Delicious Vinyl, noting the various ways that automobiles featured in and influenced his records, and how his position as an East Coast artist on the West Coast affected his work.

My research is being cited in a book, due to be published this Spring by Ashgate, titled ‘Driving with Music: Cognitive-Behavioural Implications’ by academic Warren Brodsky. You can see more here.

It is the first time my work is being referenced like this, so I am rather excited about it! Maybe one day I will do that Hip-Hop PhD …

Me and Ace

aceSittin on Chrome

Sittin on Chrome

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