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January 23, 2018

Just before Christmas I made a somewhat last-minute trip out to California to see friends and family. When reflecting back on my time, the thing that really strikes me is how the littlest moments, modest in nature and often unexpected, are the ones that stay with you and seem to somehow mean the most …


Don’t get me wrong, I love afternoons by the pool, rooftop vistas, and champagne cocktails as much as the next gypsy-Brit. But, it’s the chill moments that I think I’m going to remember from my most recent sojourn in L.A.

Like getting late-night green tea from a nondescript pizza spot on Hollywood boulevard and chatting about reincarnation and past lives. Or an impromptu run to Target as the pink winter sun set because British Airways lost my suitcase and feeling like I was in a John Hughes movie.

I guess it really comes down to the widely-known (yet maybe not as yielded to?) principle that the most important ingredient for magic is good people.

You want friends who you can end up at the crummiest dive bar or lamest house party with and still have the best time. One Halloween I ended up at U.S.C. frat party full of super drunk eighteen year olds with my friend – we had expected some cool underground music vibe or something – but it was hilarious and perfect. Likewise with the right lover, a picnic of pastries from the 24-hour bakery on Place Pigalle can feel like a banquet from the Ritz.

So I guess my main travel takeaway is this : once you find the right people, you can find magic anywhere.

Originally I planned to post a travel diary with lots of pretty pictures, but sadly my iPhone reset when I got back to Paris and I lost them all. So, here the few I have from my Insta, with some recommendations of spots to check out!

*Exploring Venice in the Sunshine*


For vintage shops on Main Street I recommend Buffalo Exchange and The Closet Trading Company. And for cafes in Santa Monica/Venice I recommend Urth Caffe (the best green tea of my life), Bulletproof Coffee, and Cafe Gratitude.

*Poolside at The Standard, West Hollywood*


One of my favourite spots to write and soak up some sun.

*The BEST Homies*


Outside Delicious Pizza on Sunset Boulevard.


The cafe where Reservoir Dogs was filmed at, Pat & Lorraine’s.

Lodge Room

ArtDontSleep night at the Lodge Room.


Hennessy party at Delicious Pizza West Adams.


Bathroom selfies at Chateau Marmont.


Perfect last-night cocktails at Dirty Laundry in Hollywood.


I allowed myself to buy ONE record this trip (I’m strict with myself since facing some hefty overweight bag fees in like 2010 after an Amoeba dollar crate spree .. ). I just couldn’t resist getting some Francis Lai on wax though!

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