Da Vinci

Da Vinci Interview : A Fillmore Story

When I think of Fillmore Street in San Franciso, I always think of Yoshi’s and the sushi spot next door, as well as Jazz festivals in summer and all the musical heritage that the area boasts. It was illuminating to meet and chat with the young rapper Da Vinci, a Fillmore native, back in 2011 […]

Me and RG

Robert Glasper Interview

The first time that I saw Robert Glasper play was in San Francisco, September 2011. It was the day after my 23rd birthday, and after celebrating the night away in dive bars on Valencia Street and a rooftop somewhere in the Mission, I was feeling a little bit fragile. We met before the show to […]


Fatlip Interview : What’s Up Fatlip?

I clearly remember the first time I met Fatlip. I had just started working for Delicious Vinyl in 2011, and had gone out to grab food with some of the guys. When we came back to the office, Lip was chilling sat in my chair. Being the Pharcyde devotee that I was (and still am) […]


Full Force Interview : Bowlegged Lou, I Want You Just for Me!

Before I even heard the song itself I received Full Force’s “Alice, I Want You Just For Me” on 12″ as a present one Christmas. Immediately upon seeing the cover, it was jehri-curl love at first sight. Then once I put the record on play and began doing my research I realised what major music players […]


Mr Len Interview : The Marvels of Yestermorrow

Last year Mr Len released an intriguing conceptual EP titled The Marvels of Yestermorrow. I am a big fan of Len’s work, and so caught up with him at the time of the release for Wax Poetics. Biggup Lenny! Distorted transmissions, sounding as though unearthed from a rusty 1950s time capsule, describe an array of […]


Prince Paul Interview : The Scent of Royalty

Back in 2012 I interviewed my favourite hip-hop producer Prince Paul for Wax Poetics. It was a beautiful spring day in New York and the start of a beautiful friendship …  The Scent of Royalty In the presence of Prince Paul A deep female friend of mine once said that artistic greatness is just like […]


NYLON March 2014 x Foxes

Back in January I sat down with British singer Foxes at Cafe OTO in Dalston. Drinking lattes and gorging on cashew nuts, we chatted about dream-chasing, broken artists, and Forrest Gump.  I warmed a lot to this lady, and was way happy when she went and won a grammy shortly after our date. The feature […]


Shock G Interview : Not Just Knee Deep (Part 3)

Read Part 1 and Part 2. George Clinton has had a considerable influence on your work. When did you first hear his music? First song I noticed was “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker).” When it came on the radio in ’76, I thought it was some weird and twisted gospel […]

Humpty with Fab Five Freddy, Rod Houston (Tommy Boy video rep who doubled as SHKG in the "Humpty Dance" video, and friends in 1991

Shock G Interview : Not Just Knee Deep (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here. So when you were young, Shock, what did you imagine yourself doing or being when you were grown up? I wanted to own a big, huge underground car ring that would specialise in Ferraris and Porsches. And like on TV if you were running from the cops, you could hit a […]


Shock G Interview : Not Just Knee Deep (Part 1)

  “Be peaceful and enjoy your time on Earth as much and as often as you can. The more you do, the more it becomes you.” -Shock G Some people in this world are true originals. And though we may all possess the potential to carve out beautifully unique identities, there are a few who […]